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Wrist posture trainer/corrector

Wrist posture trainer/corrector

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Name: The ultimate tennis stroke trainer


Color: White & Black

Material: Plastic

Usage: Fixed wrist posture

Model Number: tennis training machine

Accessory Type: others


Professional Tennis Trainer Practice Serve Ball Machine Sports Training Tool Self-study Correct Wrist Posture Accessories

Product Feature

The ultimate tennis stroke trainer

The fastest way to improve tennis

By correcting the wrong wrist movements, quickly form the muscle memory of the correct shot, improve the pace adjustment ability, improve the stability of the shot, and increase the rotation of the ball.



Proper Posture


By fixing the wrist, adjusting the foot, finding the hitting point, turning the body and getting the hitting power


The racket and the forearm are at 90 degrees to improve the head speed


Control the angle of the face, extend the hitting area, improve the stability of the shot




Intercept and cutting




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