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Weightlifting gloves

Weightlifting gloves

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wight lifting glove

Model Number: Pull-up gloves


Product name:Pull-up gloves
Product size about : 20*19.5*8.5cm/7.87*7.67*3.34in
Product color: As shown in the figure
Product material:PU+Polyester
product features:
1. The pull-up auxiliary belt can protect the palms and support the wrists, preventing slipping and dislocation during horizontal bar exercises. Provides a comfortable, secure grip while performing chin-ups, chin-ups and other upper body exercises.
2. These gloves are made of leather material. The leather material is very strong and can support a maximum weight of 80-90kg.
3. Wrist straps provide additional stability and support during bench presses, rows, and other weight lifting exercises, reducing the risk of injury.
4. The palm protection of these gloves is designed to prevent calluses and blisters, providing better grip and increased comfort during intense workouts.
5. The pull-up assist belt can provide the right amount of support and resistance during pull-ups and pull-ups, helping users build strength and improve posture.



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