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Grind Drop

Paddle racket

Paddle racket

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Technology structure
Compared to non-Auxetic structures, Auxetic structures, due to their internal characteristics, when a tensile force is applied, the internal structure becomes wider, and when extrusion is received, the structure shrinks, and the greater the force, the greater the feedback.


Power Foam


Optimized Sweet Spot

The characteristics of each racket are different, and for this reason, Hyde has developed an optimized hitting area to adapt each punch mode to a different racket.


Smart Bridge



Tailored Frame

Each frame is individually constructed to achieve excellent performance for the racket.


Anti Shock

The unique polymer material ensures that the racket is effectively protected, not only improving durability, but also preventing scratches



HEAD Speed Junior 2023 pade

Weight: 320g
Balance point: 275mm
Face size: 81
Frame: 38mm
Shape: Teardrop type
Material: Carbon fiber +EVA
Hitting surface: Fiberglass
Suitable for 10-year-old+ kids




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