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gym gloves

gym gloves

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Type: Weight Lifting Glove

Model Number: Fingerless Gloves

fitness gloves for women: Gloves for fitness

gym gloves woman: mittens for gym

training gloves men: men's gym gloves

Horizontal bar gloves: gloves work

Gym gloves: training gloves

Wrist protector: workout gloves men

Crossfit hand grips: Boxing glove

Fitness gloves: gym gloves for women

men's gym gloves: wrist straps gym

barbell pad: gym wristbands for men



M:Palm Width ≤8 cm, palm circumtance ≤20 cm.
L: Palm Width 8-9 cm, palm circumtance 20-21 cm.
XL: palm width 9-10 cm, palm circumtance 21-22 cm

Product:Sports Gloves
Package include:1 pair
Use:doing deadlifts, front squats, clean and jerks, pull ups, muscle ups, power cleans, and agility drill.

·Increase wrist grip and protect palms from harm.
·These breathable, moisture-wicking workout gloves let your fingers flex to give you improved grip over an Olympic bar, kettlebell.
·The bumps can better block the barbell and prevent slippage.







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