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Curve swerve ball

Curve swerve ball

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1.Durable in Use: Enjoy the all-purpose performance with our curve soccer ball, constructed from tough EVA rubber to withstand intense play on various surfaces like grass, sand or concrete.

2.Powerful Hitting: The curve soccer ball has strong spherical support and a stable center of gravity, which allows you to hit the ball with more force and accuracy. The uniform bladder pressure ensures that the ball rotates without shaking, making it easy to create curveballs. The fairway scientific design enhances the aerodynamics of the ball, giving it more speed and distance.

3.Superior Responsiveness: Achieve better ball control with the Curve Soccer Ball's strong elasticity and good air tightness. Feel the touch and feedback as the rubber gasket allows for flexibility and uniform pressure, resulting in accurate shots and improved play.

4.Revolutionary Curve: This curve soccer ball is made of high-quality EVA material, which is soft, smooth, and resistant to wear and tear. It has a 20 cm in diameter standard size, which is suitable for children and teenagers aged 5-15 to play.



Material: Rubber + EVA

Color: As picture

Size: 20cm

Package Included: 1pc Football




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