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Boxing machine trainer

Boxing machine trainer

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Model Number: Boxing machine wall mounted

Type1: Boxing Trainer

Type2: lite boxer boxing machine

Type3: music boxing machine

Material: PU Leather Polyurethane Composite Board


Boxing Machine Description:

The boxing Trainer is made of high quality polyurethane molding, and Smart Bluetooth, mobile phone connection, data, punching speed, punching force, number of combos, and other data, Follow the music, change intelligently.

It is simple and easy to install. The installation height can be adjusted according to needs, so that adults and children can use it as boxing for training at home.

Boxing strength measurement equipment is large enough to allow you to easily hit the target, and the Shock withstands 200kg/450 pounds.

It is designed for improving fitness as well as cognitive decision making and enhancing specific fighting skills.



Material: PU Leather Polyurethane Composite Board

Size Chart:



Package Includes:

1 Training Machine

1 Usb Cable

1 Screw Kit




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